A journey to discover the Horses

Delle Rose Riding School in Torre Vado,  Marina di Morciano di Leuca, is an oasis of peace and relaxation surrounded by the colours and scents of Salento nature. It offers a unique riding experience in the heart of Salento nature, offering courses and recreational activities such as horseback riding and riding lessons for all ages. The horses in the stable are trained by qualifies instructors. Training horses is a complex process that includes caring for their health, learning the basics of riding, training and exercising them.

Manneggio delle Rose - Torre Vado


The riding school is the spearhead of the Delle Rose Tourist Hotel Complex, which houses sand fields, paddocks, horse boxes, plus a bright and welcoming clubhouse where riders can spend their relaxing breaks. Francesco Spano, a Federal Instructor, follows beginners step by step in their first adventures on horseback, and is always available with more experienced riders for any advice or clarification.


The Rose Riding School offers a wide range of horses for all levels of experience. The horses are well trained and well cared for, so they are also ideal for those who want to venture into horseback riding for the first time.

Wonderful horseback rides

The Rose Riding School offers the possibility of horseback riding. The service includes equipment and preparation of the horse, instructor accompaniment, a basic lesson on horseback riding, and the opportunity to visit the beautiful Salento countryside. The experience is suitable for riders of all levels, from beginners to experienced riders, and can be customized as needed. To participate in this playful experience, it is necessary to book in advance and accompany yourself with a relative or friend. It is also recommended to wear comfortable clothing and shoes suitable for riding.