Ristorante a Torre Vado

The Hall

The CTA Room of the Roses is a modern, fresh and elegant environment, characterized by white and cream colours. The d├ęcor contributes to create a sophisticated and welcoming atmosphere. The large windows are adorned with light curtains, creating a soft, relaxing light; a touch of natural light that brightens the room to the right point. The hall is a perfect place for romantic dinners or festive occasions, where you can spend unforgettable moments and enjoy dishes from our kitchen.

Our cuisine

From the meeting of old family recipes and the highest quality ingredients comes a unique and excellent local cuisine, which can be enjoyed by all lovers of good food at CTA Delle Rose. A light, flavorful and tasty cuisine that combines tradition with modernity, offering a unique and unforgettable culinary experience. Here you can enjoy dishes prepared with care and passion, where the authenticity of the ingredients meets the flavors of tradition, giving a unique and inimitable culinary experience.

cta dell rose - ristorante a torre vado